FabricWall is a track system that allows for sound treatment combined with sleek design for walls and ceilings. These tracks are available in 1/2", 5/8", 1", and 2" thicknesses and are combined with a variety of cores to complete the system. FabricWall is an addition to the Golterman & Sabo suite of companies, known for their experience in custom acoustical products.


On Site Fabrication


FabricWall is a custom designed, site-built system. Every project can be tailored to the exact job specifications and is ready to be installed as soon as the job site is ready. This approach eliminates lead times and ensures that every panel fits flawlessly.

"Since it's introduction in 2005, FabricWall has successfully completed thousands of projects. You can feel secure that FabricWall's stretch fabric system will perform flawlessly for your project."


Herb Golterman | President
Golterman & Sabo Companies



FabricWall's Track System is unique in that it does not have welted perimeters. Without having to cover an extra side of track with fabric, the FabricWall system can be installed faster, is easier to replace or change fabrics, and gives an overall cleaner look. For more information on FabricWall track, please contact us

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