fabric wall paneling

Our Fabric Wall System is comprised of three elements: Track, Core and Fabric. We also offer pre-fabricated acoustical and tackable panels.

Track Products

Track is the framework that holds the fabric tight and in place. It is available in four thicknesses:
1/2", 5/8", 1", and 2", each one forming a perimeter without a welted edge. For more details of each track, select the appropriate track thickness.

Fabric Products
Fabric is the visual element of the system and many different types of fabric can be used. You can select one of our standard fabrics or a premium fabric from a leading textile company. When using premium fabrics, we always recommend mock-ups to test the fabric.

Pre-Fabrication Products
Prefabricated panels are beneficial if you do not need to fit a wall precisely or the panels are accent pieces for a room. These panels can be customized by size, fabric and thickness. Clicking here will redirect you to our parent company, Golterman & Sabo..


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